Paraglider’s lost sunglasses land in her lap in midair

A woman going tandem skydiving over Turkey lost her sunglasses when they flew off her face — and was reunited with them moments later when they landed on her lap.

A video filmed in the air over the resort village of Oludeniz, Mugla province, shows instructor Aysenur Katirci taking Tuba Turkseve tandem paragliding.

Katirci initiates an acrobatic maneuver, causing the two women to spiral in the air. The force of the spin causes Turkseve’s sunglasses to fly off, seemingly becoming lost in the air.

The video shows the maneuver end, and Turkseve begins to tell Katirci that her sunglasses flew off when the lost shades suddenly land in her lap.

Katirci said it was an extremely unusual incident.