Kevin Stefanski having good communications with J.C. Tretter about offseason work

Scores of players around the NFL are sitting out voluntary offseason work at the urging of the NFL Players Association, but one player is in a unique place: Browns center J.C. Tretter, who is president of the players’ union.

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski says he has no problem with Tretter’s stance, the two of them have had good communications, and he’s not concerned with any issues regarding the players who choose not to participate.

“He’s very transparent, I’m very transparent,” Stefanski said. “This program is voluntary. Again, we’re in Day 2 of Phase 1. It’s a virtual program that I think the guys are doing a nice job with. We’ll deal with anything else that comes down the road. I’m just going to make sure communication continues between J.C. and really any of the players and myself.”

The Browns released a statement saying they’re with the NFLPA on skipping offseason work, but at least some players have been participating in the Browns’ program. It’s unclear how many players are participating and how many are not.